Case Study: Rewiring a business

Electrical contractors based in Dublin

Voltmaster - Company Profile

Sector: Electrical Contractor
Area: National (Ireland)
Employees: 15
Admin Activities:
● Job Quotes & Invoices
● Job Creation & Scheduling
● Expense Tracking
● Material Cost Tracking
● Job Profi tability
● Supplier Contracts
● Payroll, Vat Returns
● Tax Returns

A lot of the work we do is in hospitals, schools and other sensitive environments. Our business is growing and I needed to spend less time in my office doing paperwork and more time on-site, managing staff, talking to customers and quoting for new business.

Paul Cosgrove

We were managing our admin on spreadsheets and paper. Everything was manual and cumbersome. We needed a faster way of doing things and a better way to monitor productivity and profitability.

Ben Kelly

As Voltmaster’s business had grown their admin management had become increasingly disconnected and inefficient...

  • .xls customer quotes
  • Hard-copy job dockets
  • Ad-hoc job scheduling
  • MS Word invoices
  • No live view of finances
  • No view on job profitability
  • Admin tasks always in backlog
  • Admin done in evening/ weekends
  • No time for site visits
  • Missed opportunities to win new business

Sound familiar?

How UpSource helped Voltmaster

(and how we can help YOU)

In just 30 days, we transitioned Voltmaster to a tailored managed admin plan. Work is now scheduled more effectively, cashflow has significantly improved and 95% of paper records have been eliminated. The owners now have a better work life balance, more time to spend on new business development and more time to spend with their families.
Integrated quote, invoice and job tracking capability
Centralised cloud based document storage
Cloud-based book keeping
Live job profitability view
Rigorous credit and debt management
Integrated accounts (payroll, VAT returns, Revenue returns)
We’re now better equipped for growth - using cloud based systems to manage our jobs, our 12 staff and our finances. I can now spend more time on site, with my customers and winning new business.
Paul Cosgrove
Voltmaster Ltd
Our operations are now streamlined and we can manage everything "on the go" - quotes, jobs, time-sheets, costs, documentation, invoices and accounts. ​
Ben Kelly
Voltmaster Ltd

Affordable. Flexible. Efficient.

At €120* per day, we are more cost - effective than employing staff directly.

We tailor our service and pricing to ensure that we not only cost less but also provide more value than hiring a full time administrator. Our tech savvy team work faster and provide insights/ideas that help you grow your business.

*excludes VAT @ 23%

How many days support do you need?

We work it out based on your employee headcount and complexity (Low/Med/High) of your business.
We then review quarterly as we get to understand your business better.

Assumed workload / Days per week:

Day Rate:€120 + VAT