Stop watching, start working

Get out there and win the business that's passing you by...

Making the choice to change the way your business is run can be daunting. Our measured approach minimises risk and delivers benefits quickly.

We'll organise your admin in 14 days

Stage 1 - Review of existing processes & data

We start by signing a confidentiality agreement with you (we’ll never share your data with anyone else) and conducting a thorough review of existing processes and identify which changes will drive the greatest benefits and the best way to deliver them. We’ll also require the following info, in whatever format you have it. 

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Staff Costs
  • Billing Rates
  • Raw Materials Pricing
  • Current Quotes/Jobs
  • Company Accounts
  • Bank Statements
  • Invoice List
  • Supplier Bills
  • Expenses / receipts
  • Payroll Info

Stage 2: Systems setup & testing​

We do things right - we plan, we do , we check and we refine

Once we’ve agreed the areas to work on, and the systems to use, we copy your existing data and test the new process to ensure it’s working as we expect. You get to see your data in our systems and the first run of reports and dashboards which will be tailored to your requirements. We’ll also create processes to ensure that data continues to flow into the system easily and on-time.

Stage 3: Training

We take your staff through any changes they will see and answer any questions that arise. Group training or training specific individuals as required. Nobody gets left behind. Only once everyone has been trained and all the elements are tested and aligned do we go live.

Stage 4: Go Live!

Its time to push the button and revolutionise how you manage your business

Immediate benefits

Welcome to real-time business overviews, metrics and a better way to manage jobs and finances. You’ll see your business in a whole new light!

Parallel processes

Old admin management systems will be maintained in parallel for a period of time to ensure the upgraded processes and systems are performing as expected.

Stage 5: Continuous Improvements

With UpSource your business will get better and better

Operations - Productivity - Profitability

Regular reviews give visibility of key business metrics. Fine tuning of the way we work together will be an ongoing process, driving greater efficiency and allowing your business to make better decisions.

Switching accountant is even easier!

We can also manage VAT, P30, RCT, company accounts & payroll

 We’ll upload and maintain all  your financial data in Xero. Our fully qualified in-house accountants can quickly prepare revenue returns with very little else needed from you. We provide a full suite of accountancy services at competitive rates.

Affordable. Flexible. Efficient.

At €120* per day, we are more cost - effective than employing staff directly.

We tailor our service and pricing to ensure that we not only cost less but also provide more value than hiring a full time administrator. Our tech savvy team work faster and provide insights/ideas that help you grow your business.

*excludes VAT @ 23%

How many days support do you need?

We work it out based on your employee headcount and complexity (Low/Med/High) of your business.
We then review quarterly as we get to understand your business better.

Assumed workload / Days per week:

Day Rate:€120 + VAT